Update on Hyperbolic Tiling with Sverchok

At the request of a reader, I’ve updated my Sverchok node for making hyperbolic tilings in Blender. There’s now a “Script Node Lite” node that works with the latest versions of Sverchok (vstable7) and Blender (2.92).

The node code can be found over on github, along with an example Blender file. For some things to do with it see a couple of my old posts, Painting in the Hyperbolic Plane and Hyperbolic Tiling in 3D.

These posts mostly make sense it Blender 2.92, for someone a bit familiar with older versions. I haven’t tried the soft body physics lately, as I had a lot better success with doing the 3D unfurling in processing, see Larger Hyperbolic Tilings in 3D using Processing