About Me


The name of this blog came from a realisation I had growing up. Even when thing were hard, I felt I’d had a good week if I’d done something out of each of the following groups.

Talk - met friends, socialised
Make - created something, writing, sculpture, craft, digital,
Think - solved something, learnt something
Look - seen a new movie, play, exhibition, read a book
Walk - been outdoors, in nature, got some exercise

Of these look, think, make, is a good description of the creative process whether its science:

Look/observe - why is it like that?
Think/hypothesize - maybe it’s because…, if I did this then this should happen
Make/experiment - well.., that didn’t do what I expected but it’s interesting, loop back to Look.

Or making a dress:

Look - I like that dress she’s wearing, but I’d make the sleeves a bit shorter
Think - and I can’t quite see how they did the crossover top bit, maybe its cut on the diagonal
Make - this small prototype works, so now I’ll make the real dress.

You can find me other places on the web, mostly using the name elfnor.


To get in contact, you could raise an issue on the github repo for this blog - you’ll get geek creds, or guess an email address based on my user name and the world’s most dominant email provider, or even try the info address for this domain name.