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Mesh Maze Blender Add-On


I've completely rewritten my Maze any Mesh Sverchok scripted node as a standalone Blender add-on. It's available here.

This add-on runs a recursive back tracker maze algorithm over the selected part of any mesh to produce a maze.

A Blender mesh structure can be seen as equivalent to the grid …

Maze any Mesh in Blender

mobius maze

The grid of cells and list of links used as the data structure for 2D mazes by Jamis Buck's in his book "Mazes for Programmers" can be replaced with a mesh object where the vertices are equivalent to cells and the mesh edge connections define the cell neighbors. The maze …

Blender 3D Maze Generator

red maze blue maze

The same backtracking algorithm that produces 2D mazes can be used to produce three dimensional mazes. All that's needed is to set up the cells in the grid with an extra dimension and define the neighbors to include cells on the layers above and below the cell.

Here I've chosen …

Blender 2D Maze Generator

game wide shot

The game levels that can be produced by the Generative Art Sverchok node in Blender are lots of fun to explore but there's nothing to stop them producing overlapping paths like this:

overlaps in Steely Taws

This is because the alogrithim behind the node is based on L-systems and knows nothing about where its …