Art Works

My Art Works Gallery, contains images of art works I've made over the years with a brief description of each piece. It mainly duplicates stuff I also post to my deviant art site.

I'm a great one for learning new techniques and this gallery has work in many different mediums, there's quilts and pots, ceramic sculptures, some digital images and upcycling projects (upcycled bicycle tubes). After my next photography session I'll post some chain mail jewelery with electrical components, a deck chair woven with more bicycle tubes , 3D printing and maybe another tensegrity ceramic sculpture.

The gallery was produced with gthumb and uses my own Responsive Dark theme. There's more about the theme here and it can be downloaded from this repository.

Symmetry Tile

The Symmetry Tile Gallery contains images produced using my Symmetry Tile plug-in for the GIMP image processing package. There's more about the plugin here and it can be downloaded from its github repository.

The gallery was built using llgal