About Me


The name of this blog came from a realisation I had growing up. Even when thing were hard, I felt I'd had a good week if I'd done something out of each of the following groups.

Talk - met friends, socialised
Make - created something, writing, sculpture, craft, digital,
Think - solved something, learnt something
Look - seen a new movie, play, exhibition, read a book
Walk - been outdoors, in nature, got some exercise

Of these look, think, make, is a good description of the creative process whether its science:

Look/observe - why is it like that?
Think/hypothesize - maybe it's because..., if I did this then this should happen
Make/experiment - well.., that didn't do what I expected but it's interesting, loop back to Look.

Or making a dress:

Look - I like that dress she's wearing, but I'd make the sleeves a bit shorter
Think - and I can't quite see how they did the crossover top bit, maybe its cut on the diagonal
Make - this small prototype works, so now I'll make the real dress.

You can find me other places on the web, mostly using the name elfnor.