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Sugar-Free Fermented Marmalade

feremented marmalade

After making preserved lemons I saw a comment somewhere that marmalade was once made by lacto-fermentation rather than with heaps of sugar like jam. I prefer a low sugar, low glycemic index diet so I made up the concoction below. Later I searched on-line for recipes and found most of …

Preserved Lemons

preserved lemons

Without my own lemon tree, supermarket lemons are expensive so I go to the Farmers' market and get a large bag and make preserved lemons. When I first made these I didn't realize they were supposed to ferment and was a bit worried by the bubbling. When I use fresh …

Fermented Chili and Garlic sauce

chili sauce

Many cultures (Louisiana, Thai, Hunan, Korea, Indonesia, Portugal) make a fermented chili sauce. This is my goto recipe and there's always a jar of this in the fridge. I'm not into fuzzy things like straining it after fermenting preferring the chunky taste surprise. I don't add extra flavorings like ginger …